Fulfillment comes on the wings of our prayers

Fulfillment comes on the wings of our prayers

In 2008, while living in Bethlehem, I sat at my desk and suggested to God that He teach my future husband about me through the psalms about dawn (ie. psalm 57 & 108), without him knowing that was what was happening.

Well, God did precisely that. For years prior to meeting me, Neel Bulchandani was prompted to meditate on the psalms about dawn and to get up before sunrise, to AWAKEN THE DAWN. Now, Neel will spend all our days awakening me spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically etc. He was well-prepared for a life of awakening THIS DAWN.

On this Father’s Day, I am enamored with THE Father, GOD. He completely encapsulates and overflows what it is to be a good dad. He gave me my heart’s desire in Neel and He partnered with me in bringing our union into being. He’s THAT GOOD!

*Happy Father’s Day, God!*

If you have specific desires, articulate them to God. He LOVES partnering with us to see our dreams and HIS DREAMS come true! If you want some practice, put out a specific prayer every day or every week (ie. “I want to pet an animal this week,” “I pray that I get a handwritten note from a friend today,” “I pray that THIS MONTH Korea’s stock exchange has it’s best day thus far this year!”). Be brave when you pray. A moment of BELIEVING God for something can be more powerful than hours of begging, pleading, and DISBELIEVING God for something. Plus, it’s usually more fun and saves time for other wonderful things.

watching the moonrise

” from Issachar, men who understood the times

and knew what Israel should do


(1 Chronicles 12:32)

On July 1, 2011 I signed a lease for my new apartment. Clause 21 on the lease was,

“Timing. Timing is of the essence in this agreement.”

I laughed at the sudden entrance of a Zen poet into the otherwise very business-like form. I asked the landlord what it meant. She chuckled and admitted she didn’t know. I suggested they were emphasizing all of the previous references to time they had given (ie. 30 days notice before moving, the pool is open 8am-10pm etc). Still, the phrase stuck with me. I felt God elbow me when I thought about it. I pondered how much TIMING is also of the essence in my relationship with Him. I thought about the many things I am waiting on: promises to be fulfilled, dreams to materialize. I laughed as I reminded myself, with a wince, God has my best in mind and often timing is, not everything, but certainly A LOT. I am glad God sticks to His guns when I get impatient and stomp my feet. I am also thankful He is trustworthy and the best person to be dealing with in all matters. I am glad He’s the Lord of my land, the one who gave me the laundry key and also the keys to my front door. HE GAVE ME KEYS. He gives me access! His sense of timing tills the garden of my life. Tick-tock. <God, (tick) I trust (tock) your (tick) timing. (tock).>   

the river rushes to the lowest place

I usually say I don’t believe in bad days, and I don’t – in that everyday with God is still guaranteed to be moving from glory to glory (even when I don’t observe that with my eyes); it is at its core, a GOOD day. However, rough spots happen. Personally, I’m terrifically exasperated and looking for resolution in the midst of it. I’m living in the divine tension of resting in knowing God is moving on my behalf, and also doing the part I am responsible for. I’m stir crazy and yet, I simply want to be still. I want to go somewhere wonderfully intoxicating like the Amazon and yet I want to simply be in Redding and drink the luscious stars in the night sky. I want to see whole cities engulfed by love and I want the homeless guy I passed today on the street to be engulfed too. In all that I am waiting for several major things to take flight. Like a housecat who sits at the door calmly waiting to be let in, and moments later is digging her claws deep into the door in frustration and eagerness – I am torn between patience and impatience.

These times are an opportunity to let love lead, not emotions, not circumstances, but the forever FULL love of God. For me they are a time to practice the fine art of rejoicing when I don’t feel like it. One’s soul, the seat of one’s emotions, is subject to one’s spirit, the part of you seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) and thus innocuous to one’s atmosphere. God turns even exasperation into joy. Sometimes it’s merely about getting alone with Him in quiet, laying down, and chatting with Him – not for answers, but just to chat. It’s like having a conversation with a good friend – you don’t only talk when you “need” answers, you talk to get to know the person and to be known by her.

If you are in the exasperation zone, I declare NEWNESS to you today. Today is a day when mountains will move, peace will come, and HOPE will rise. God wants to meet with you. He wants to talk with you. He wants to share His heart with you. He LOVES you and accepts you fully. He champions your dreams. He is your GOOD Father.