The Price of Invulnerability by Brené Brown – TEDxKC –

THIS IS REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT. Watch it, share it, live its wisdom. 


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, of love, of belonging, of creativity, of faith. So, it becomes very problematic at a culture when we lose our capacity to be vulnerable.” – Brene Brown


via TEDxKC – Brené Brown – The Price of Invulnerability – YouTube.

Making the Impossible Possible – TEDx Baghdad

While I was in Baghdad, Iraq in November 2011 there was a conference called, “Making the Impossible Possible.” I was given an invitation to attend, but our schedule did not permit. Regardless, the event was a milestone of HOPE for precious Iraq. There will be another TEDx event in Baghdad in 2012. I would LOVE to attend.

In the meantime, I think their videos and related videos provide a great view into the GOOD happening in Iraq. Please do not let your hearts be overwhelmed by what you hear in the news about Iraq. Dare to have outrageous HOPE for Iraq. Direct your thoughts and prayers toward optimistic growth in Iraq. The people of Iraq need your advocacy, not that you would write them off as hopeless, but rather champion them as HOPE-ful despite the look of things.

There is always hope.




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