Eating salad from a tall, narrow vase

“Sometimes we are angry and bitter because, let’s be honest- we don’t like the way life is designed. We have a spirit of entitlement and we want what we want NOW. So, we accuse God and we don’t trust Him because we know that HE designed the natural order. Ironically, in doing so, we miss the truth. God’s design is the best design. He knows all and loves everyone. Creation demonstrates this. We don’t know best. He does. Moreover, if we’ll step outside our ‘I know best’ bubble for a moment, we can invite Him to renew our minds and, in so doing, think like Him. When we think like Him, we see rightly. And we are set free from judgment and skepticism into a wide world full of light, creativity, and love. If you judge basketball by tennis rules, you’ll miss the real game entirely. The same goes for judging life and God by our narrow outlook. Get free today. You can think rightly. Get still with God and welcome Him to help you with this. If life is a bowl for eating salad from and you think it’s a tall, narrow flower vase, you’re really missing out. And, wow, it’s a whole lot harder to eat salad from a flower vase. Unnecessarily so.”

– Dawn Richardson