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World Religions occurs in October

The Transition from Judaism to Christianity occurs in May

Dawn Bulchandani

Dawn Bulchandani loves California. She also loves the Middle East. She lived in Israel three years and most recently worked with an organization in Baghdad, Iraq. She teaches Introduction to the Bible at Simpson University. Dawn is the author of Driving Through Walls: My Supernatural Journey of Hope. She has three master’s degrees and is married to Neel Bulchandani, a revolutionary chiropractor and book editor. Her website is

Simpson for Seniors Courses Taught: World Religions, The Transition from Judaism to Christianity in the New Testament
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Invest belief in the Middle East today.

Invest belief in the Middle East today.

I am the faculty mentor for Simpson University’s Middle East WorldServe team. Today, the team (Christine and Hillary) will board a plane with 7 months of planning and praying in their pockets. They will live out their beliefs in a radical way. They believe a nation can be changed by hope and love. They believe the Middle East can truly flourish.

They’ve walked through their own dreams, doubts, relationships, and the regular commitments of their lives to a wide open field of possibility. They’ve followed the voice of God with great passion.

I am very, very proud of them.

They raised $5,906! That is incredible. Moreover, they have seen the hearts of those around them open up to new love for the Middle East!

However, they still need a measly $894.

Would you give toward their hope-adventure today? Even a dollar is a statement of agreement and support for their love-commission to the Middle East. The very ground in that region will feel your belief in its success. And you’ll get to be part of something powerful that WILL change a nation.

If you choose to give, THANK YOU, from the boiling pot of passionate love for the Middle East that ever-gurgles inside me: THANK YOU.


Invest belief in the Middle East today.