❤ ♥ Father’s Love Letter ♥ ❤

❤ ♥ Father’s Love Letter ♥ ❤

Click the link, sit back, still your heart, and hear the truth from the One who loves you most.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Love Letters, person to person

I have a fiance who writes me poems every week or so, lavishes me with words of affirmation (my primary love language), and communicates with courage and intentionality. I love love notes. For example, I found the following from a website and this simple note is wrought with power and passion.


I think back to our wedding day; most of it is blurry and surreal, but I do remember one thing with utter clarity. I remember hearing you say “I do.” I can see your lips pronounce the words, I can hear your voice settling in my ear, and I can definitely remember the surge of emotion that flooded me (which I handled in an extremely manly fashion).
No two words have ever meant so much to me.
– Josh


More stirring romance and thoughtfulness HERE.


The Spiritual Canticle by Saint John of the Cross

The Spiritual Canticle

by Saint John of the Cross

Our bed is of flowers 
By dens of lions encompassed, 
Hung with purple
Made in peace, 
And crowned with a thousand shields of gold.
In Your footsteps 
The young ones run Your way; 
At the touch of the fire 
And by the spiced wine
The divine balsam flows.

It’s ALL about a wedding!

I adore this song. The image of the Church as the Bride of Jesus is perfect. This love that engulfs us, this promise that woos us, this passion that consumes us, it is Incarnate Love. This is God. God IS Love.


hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get free! God loves YOU infinitely more than you could ever comprehend. Get whacked-smacked-drunk on HIS Love! It’s the best intoxication there is! AND it is always accessible and with no harmful side effects. haha. HE LOVES US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are fully accepted and fully loved. Getting the power of our identity set straight changes everything! It doesn’t matter your job, your income, your social status, your appearance, or whatever. YOU are a treasure. You get to be YOU! Be you! Please BE YOU! haha!!!!!!!! Get happy!



It is time to GET HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!