Finishing my book soon!

Well, 22 months later, I am nearly done with my first book, “Driving through Walls.” The book will be released in May!!!!

Here is an excerpt of an endorsement by Theresa Dedmon, Arts Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California:

Dawn’s sense of humor, raw story telling about her journey, and heart for God light up the pages and shed hope into those who have always dreamt, but not seen that God is good.  Get this book, and devour it, and find your own path through the pages.

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Thanks for the encouragement and support. This is an extremely exciting moment.

Join the party: Help me publish my book

Well folks,

The good news is my book should be published in May or June! Rather than a traditional publisher, I have decided to self-publish. For this process I need to come up with $1,800 by the end of this month. If you’d love the opportunity to support me in fulfilling this life dream and publishing a book that will inspire individuals and nations, go. . .


Thank you to infinity and beyond. 

BOOK PROPOSAL ~~~> sent!




                                                      I sent my book proposal today.        My first stuffed animal was a white bear named “Fluffy.” He was probably the first one I told I would write a book one day. I was around four years old. Maybe once it’s published Fluffy will come to the  party. In the meantime, I am beside myself with joy and relief! A life dream is materializing. Now to finish writing the book. haha. YIPPEE! <Thank You, GOD!!!!!!!!>