“It’s Time to Stop Treating Dads Like Idiots” by Aaron Gouveia

“t’s Time to Stop Treating Dads Like Idiots” by Aaron Gouveia


“it’s chic to make fun of the dads”

I strooooooooongly agree with this article. In the last couple weeks I’ve noticed at least two instances in which people were condescending toward men, both of those people were men. In one instance it was a simple, “Well, what do we expect, they’re men,” In the other, it was something like, “That’s just part of the problem of being a guy, being clueless. Hahaha.” These really incensed me.

It’s not honoring or loving to anyone to stereotype them as stupid, unable, or inadequate.

Come on.

The pendulum has swung too far.

Could we please be more honoring in how we perceive and talk about men?

Men are wonderful. I happen to be engaged to an absolutely exemplary, honest, pure, strong, brave, sincere, smart man. I don’t want him to be condescended upon simply for being male, nor do I want any other man to be mistreated thus.

I suggest sharing this link. Here in America, we really need to change this cultural tendency.