Waiting at the nearest corner for He Who is Love



Last week I was at a Middle East oriented gathering at some friends’ home. I was joyous. I was stirred and inspired to further dream and love the region of the world which most enraptures me. Then it was nearly 830. I knew my husband would be returning from work around 830. I was provoked. I didn’t want to wait any longer than absolutely necessary to see him. I got up. I walked to the end of our street. I began to wait. 

First, I stood- composed, ordinary, and still. Then, I sat- undignified, conspicuous, and antsy. I was ardently longing to see my precious husband, my only husband (ever and always), MY husband turn the corner. Minutes passed. Each gold car hooked my eyes, but I knew that our car was still bedecked in wedding proclamations, so I’d more easily recognize it. (There were moments when my waiting felt as a case study in our neighborhood’s gold cars.)

Eventually, seven minutes before 930, it appeared: our car, our chariot of gold. My eyes fused to the moving target. I waved. Initially, Neel did not see me, due to the wedding words shouting from the pane of the driver’s window. I moved toward the vehicle. He stopped. 

I climbed in, kissed him, and erupted in giddy joy, happy relief, and “How are you?” inquiries. 

And we rode home. Together. 

Days later, the image came back and grabbed my hand. We should long and wait for Jesus like this. He’s our ultimate groom. I don’t mean simply for the second coming. I mean for the ALWAYS coming, the daily coming, the IN THIS MOMENT He is HERE coming. We should look, expect, hunger, long, and position ourselves to see Him and His movement. 

Today, as you look for things: people, household goods, or new opportunities, let your hope, eagerness, and focused pursuit remind you of your hunt for your Beloved. 


Oh! He is rapturously wonderful!

(Song of Songs 3:4)




the overwhelming preciousness

While worshiping Jesus at church today tears appeared on my face like dew on tulips in early morning. The sunlight’s tension yearning beyond the night’s cool, causing the droplets. My life’s hopes slamming into the embodiment of hope: Jesus Himself.

I am simply undone by the stirring brightness of Jesus. I can not fathom a better King, a truer lover, nor a deeper friend. I am infinitely thankful I know Him. For Him, I would do anything, go anywhere, and love anyone. My heart longs for the whole world to know Him, to really KNOW Him. He’s it. He really is. He’s the fulfillment, the treasure, the resurrection, and the life. And once you choose to follow Him, you are inseparable. A match made in heaven which will stay in heaven forever.

If you haven’t met Him, if you haven’t chosen to follow Him, you can decide to do so any time. Simply tell Jesus you want to follow Him and tell Him you are giving Him your life. You can talk out loud, if you want. Ask Him to tangibly demonstrate His love to you. Then listen for His direction. He’ll speak. Keep talking to Him- daily, hourly, constantly – chat with Him as you would a friend. He loves you. And the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. I recommend finding a Bible and reading it: starting with the book of John in the New Testament. It’s really scrumptious. The main thing is keep talking to God AND listen for His response.

(And if you choose to follow Him, let me know. I’ll throw some imaginary confetti and laugh with joy.)

“Yes, furthermore, I count everything as loss

compared to the possession

of the priceless privilege

(the overwhelming preciousness, the surpassing worth, and supreme advantage)

of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord

and of progressively becoming more deeply and

intimately acquainted with Him

[of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him

more fully and clearly].

For His sake I have lost everything

and consider it all to be mere rubbish (refuse, dregs),

in order that I may win (gain) Christ

(the Anointed One)”

Philippians 3:8 (AMP)