Women in Leadership – Quote (YES!)

The following is an absolutely exceptional and insightful quotation from one of the leaders at my church. His name is Kris Vallotton.

UNEDITED excerpt from the book I am writing entitled God’s Most Beautiful Creation. It reads much better in the context of the chapter. 🙂

The truth is that the absence of the feminine and matriarchal presence in leadership has come at an incalculable and at times cataclysmic expense to society. In the last 30 years I’ve observed many women coming into their place in leadership but for multiple reasons they are often required to play the patriarchal role. This of course puts them at a disadvantage in leadership because it doesn’t optimize their abilities. Many observe this dynamic and conclude that men are better leaders than women.

I would like to propose to you that men are better patriarchs than women and women are stronger matriarchs than men. Both roles are equally important and carry the same level of authority but they require different skills, strengths, and attributes. WE DON’T NEED WOMEN TO LEAD LIKE MEN. The world is starving for matriarchs who are compassion driven, intuitively gifted, nurturing, leaders. These leaders foster the maternal instinct in society that gives birth to a much more loving, caring, patient, and compassionate planet.


I am currently working for an organization called Heroes of the Nation. http://www.htn.org/       

They are assembling a website to inspire and mobilize activism and advocacy for social justice,

hence the name “activacy.com”

I am beside myself with visionary joy and delight in being able to be a part of this movement’s momentum.

You are welcome to cheer us on! : )

Here’s a glimpse of the vision:

“Be Lifted High” ~~~> February 15!

If you want some new worship music to blast into outer space with, the latest album to pour out of Bethel Church is coming February 15!

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I am especially excited about “I will exalt” which is rich in spiritual antioxidants and adoration. It’s like cranberry juice when you are thirsty in a forest in Maine in the summer. Refreshing and glory-full. gulp gulp. Wow, I can feel the replenishing of the rich berries soaking into my soul. THE KING IS WORTHY! He’s so beautiful in cranberry juice and EVERYTHING else!!!!!!!! The veins in leaves, the breakability of dirt clods, every orange bit on a monarch butterfly’s wings, the dot my sister had on her tooth as a child, the way a little water soaks into one’s lawn, but a lot of water becomes a lake that doesn’t just absorb into the ground, my little sister’s furiously red hair! It all sings HIS BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhh! It’s so incredible to be able to fall in love with the Creator of the Universe and then express that love to Him directly!!!!!!! YES! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love Love!

Tiny Obedience: the infamous “screw” story

Two days ago I was listening to a teaching called “Learning to Think” by Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. In it he was talking about small obedience: like when God asked him to pick up the trash along a lengthy stretch of highway by himself. It took a few hours. And he grumbled to God as he undertook the task. I laughed and listened closely. God frequently asks small obedience of me too. In fact, in this new season it is one of the things I am most excited about – learning to  walk in obedience with tiny things.

So, I had an “oh!” moment as I was listening because earlier in the day I was walking on the road adjacent to my apartment and I saw a 2″ screw lying on the ground. The Lord said, “pick it up, throw it away. Love this city.” While it is always nice to clean up your city, when the Holy Spirit really prompts you, you listen up. Well, God has been speaking to me for at least a year now about taking ownership and authority in the city I live in. ESPECIALLY in minute acts of service. Yet, whether it was the man in the nearby doorway or my own laziness, I didn’t pick up the screw. Hence, when I was listening to the teaching I immediately thought, “I have to go pick up that screw!” At that point it was approaching 11pm, I was dressed for bed, and I thought, “okay, I’ll go when I finish listening to this teaching.”

Of course, I forgot. So, the next morning as I nestled into His presence to spend my morning with God, I was immediately reminded of THE SCREW. “Oh, Lord, I’m sorry. I really want to listen and respond to you in tiny obedience.” I hopped up and went outside.

As I gazed at the ground in search of the forlorn screw, a young man approached me, an American. I explained I was looking for a screw that God just reminded me of. He was curious. And he asked the usual, “how long have you been here?” “what do you do here?” “are you married?” line of questions. And I answered. In my answer, I mentioned the soon-to-start Bible Study I will be leading. And he said he would drop by some time! “Oh, well, actually it’s for kids,” I explained. I queried as to who he was waiting for, “oh, I don’t remember her name. An American girl I met yesterday. She lives here in this building near yours.”

Moments later she appeared. Dressed conspicuously – explained by her answer to my question, “What are you doing in Bethlehem?” Her answer: “I’m going to find a Palestinian husband. I’ve been all over the world and I’ve known people from many cultures, but Palestinians are the best. And they are so close to their families. I didn’t really have a family growing up, so I want that.” Her directness made me laugh. And she asked where I was headed. “Weeeeell, I actually just came outside to pick up a screw I saw on the ground yesterday. I was spending time with God this morning and He reminded me of it.” “I need Jesus” was her instant response. And she proceeded to ask for my phone number so we could get together some time. The guy got it too. Both were salivating from this Jesus encounter now underway.

They had to be on their way and invited me along, but I explained that my mornings are spent with God. They smiled and said they look forward to getting together soon. And I half scampered, half danced my way back to my apartment. “Jesus! You are so GOOD!” I yelled. And I dance, dance, danced throughout my apartment laughing and praising the Lord. What a wonderful gift! The screw was apparently long-gone (probably picked up by the glass factory workers next door), but in its place was a wide open door for loving some new friends: a man and a woman that God is madly in love with. What an honor to be introduced to them so poignantly! Like a ride at Disneyland, I can hardly wait to see what sits around the corner for these two!

I love Jesus! His ways are positively ingenious!