Kim and Skyler’s Upcoming Album!

It’s true, I have a deep sense of connection with Kim Walker-Smith because they were interviewed for the series of pre-married DVDs that my fiance and I went through in a class. Moreover, I’ve seen her at the grocery store. On top of all of that, she’s part of the house I call “home” : Bethel Church. That is the deepest resonance. Having said that, I am very very very happy for the upcoming release of their album! Check it out! Buy a copy for a friend needing encouragement! 


“I Still Believe” – Kim Walker-Smith

YES!!!!! He has ALREADY done it. He has paid for our wholeness, healing, and salvation. It is done. We simply need to access it and apply it.

<Holy Spirit, teach us how to implement the fullness Jesus has placed in our warehouse.>

Bless the name of Jesus!!!! He is beautiful! He is radiant! He is alive!