Middle East Monday: When Loving Your Enemies is Loud

Home. Peace. Feeling nestled in.

These are common desires. However, there are areas of the world where this idea of “home” is less established than hearts would like it to be. One such place is the Palestinian territories. I lived in Israel and Palestine for three years. Stories and snapshots, longings and prayers, activism and belief build bridges from dreams to reality. Awareness is important.

With specific regard to the Tent of Nations, I’ve met some of this family. They are kind, just, and visionary. Their experience should be shared- in hopes that influencers will change the direction of their imminent loss. You can be part of the solution. Spread the word.

Tent of Nations on Upworthy

“True Justice” Painting: Print for SALE

Dozens and dozens of people have inquired about this now-famous painting by my friend Joella Skilleter. (For more of her work: http://www.joellaskilleter.com/ ) It was created for a Minister of Justice in Iraq. It will be hand-delivered to him soon. In the meantime, you can have the image on your wall next week. It is called “True Justice” and it depicts love outweighing the law. I recommend ordering it on canvas because it will look more like the original painting. You could even get an enormous version of it and place it in a central place in your home – proclaiming true justice.

Here’s the link: http://t.co/azVaWQs5