Middle East Monday: Eric Metaxas interviews the “Vicar of Baghdad,” Canon Andrew White. – YouTube


Me, Andrew, and Lina in Baghdad in 2011


Andrew White is a dear friend of mine. He is the person who invited me to go to Baghdad with him in 2011, and we went! We share a deep love for Iraq, the Middle East, hope for the nations, peacemaking, absurdity, and revolutionary risk-taking (otherwise known as “faith”).

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Eric Metaxas interviews the “Vicar of Baghdad,” Canon Andrew White. – YouTube.

Embracing the Pain of Losing a Child | Christa Black

The experience shared in this article is awful. The idea of losing a child is horrific. Yet, I am amazed by the sincerity; vulnerability; comfort; and ultimately, the awareness of God’s love and presence that remains in the midst of it.

If you know someone who has lost a child, please share this with them. Blessings of peace and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to all who read it.

Embracing the Pain of Losing a Child | Christa Black.


Embracing the Pain of Losing a Child | Christa Black

Passivity to the majesty of the Lord Jesus

“I think the biggest enemy in the church is not the devil. It’s our own passivity to the majesty of the Lord Jesus. At some point the Good News becomes okay news and Christianity is no longer life changing but merely life enhancing, and Jesus doesn’t change people into radicals anymore, just nice people. The church becomes dull, predictable, and monotonous. 


Here’s the thing about dullness, what it means is we’ve lost our capacity to be simple before God. We’ve lost the ability to live in wonder and astonishment.”

– Graham Cooke

The Lord My Banner: Adonai Nissi (יְהוָה נִסִּי)

I received the following via email from a friend. I don’t know who the original author is, but I love this information and, more than that, I love the ONE it reveals: our great and beautiful heavenly father. I’ve been thinking about the image of the Lord as my banner recently. It really stuns me with its proclamation and sense of belonging. I think I am newly aware of this because I am engaged and transitioning toward having a shared home with my husband-to-be – a castle of love, glory, and GOD. His banner over US truly is love. He is the flag flying over our castle now and always.

The Lord My Banner: Adonai Nissi (יְהוָה נִסִּי)

“Moses built an altar and called it The LORD [YHVH] is my Banner.”  (Exodus 17:15)

The Lord My Banner or Adonai Nissi (YHVH Nissi) is the name Moses called the altar that he built when he rejoiced over Israel’s victory over the Amalekites at Rephidim.

To understand this name, consider that today, military units and even marching bands often rally behind the standard bearer carrying the flag that identifies the group.

So too, Moses rallied behind the Lord, his Standard-Bearer, and He led the way to victory.

There are several interpretations of the name Nissi (My Banner or My Miracle), which could be derived from nes (miracle, banner, sign); nasa (lifted up), or nus(flee for refuge).

End-Time Messianic Prophecies in Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 49

The Hebrew prophet Isaiah called the Messiah (Root of Jesse) a banner (nes) in a Messianic prophecy.

“In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner [nes] for the peoples; the nations [Goyim] will rally to him, and His place of rest will be glorious.”  (Isaiah 11:10)

Also in Isaiah 49, Isaiah uses the word nissi in connection with the Messiah and the end-time restoration of Israel.

“See, I will beckon to the Gentiles [Goyim], I will lift up my banner [nissi] to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.”  (Isaiah 49:22)

God’s “banner over us” symbolizes His presence, provision, redemptive power, and love.

We no longer need to be out there on our own, gaining the victory through our own might and devices.  He is our rallying point and our Banner, and we can confidently look to Him for direction and help.

“He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner [dagal] over me is love [ahava].”  (Song of Solomon 2:4)

“I Still Believe” – Kim Walker-Smith

YES!!!!! He has ALREADY done it. He has paid for our wholeness, healing, and salvation. It is done. We simply need to access it and apply it.

<Holy Spirit, teach us how to implement the fullness Jesus has placed in our warehouse.>

Bless the name of Jesus!!!! He is beautiful! He is radiant! He is alive!