In the wake of today’s bombings

Go to minute 10:10 for a riveting pondering on beautiful people.

Jason Upton – Never Alone Martin

For people aware of the bombings in Boston, Afghanistan, and Iraq, today was particularly rough. For those close to those losses, I am sure there is a seemingly endless amount of pain, confusion, uncertainty, questions, and sorrow.

I am so sorry.

If you are wrestling through anguish of any kind today, know that


This is no sacrifice, here’s my life

Some days I am immensely thankful for the power of a heavenly perspective. When things are not as one prefers, when the cost is high, when isolation is tangible, and when the gap between now and then feels full of LONG seconds.

Today I heard the following song by Jason Upton and I was brought back to a moment in 2005 when I was at a One Thing Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Jason was leading worship. I was suddenly overcome with love and compassion for the Middle East.  I laid on the floor face down and sobbed, praying for the Middle East to know Jesus; and praying for my path into the Middle East to be clear and easy, strategic and powerful. Then Lou Engle walked on stage and said something like, “I feel like we are supposed to be praying for the Middle East, for Muslims to meet Jesus, and for terrorists to encounter God.” The patch of wet carpet beneath my eyes grew.

Now I am in Baghdad, Iraq making new decisions about surrender, faith, and love. As always, I’m holding onto promises and I’m holding on to The Promiser. I am thankful I have learned not only to trust God, but to delight in Him.

Moreover, I know through and through that He is worth it all.

If I had two fists full of marbles, I’d give them all to Him.

If I had a closet full of dollars, I’d give them all to Him.

If I had a mountain made of ideas, I’d give them all to Him.

If I had a life full of life, I’d give it all to Him.

And so I will. With consummate love and outrageous hope, I will continue to give Him my life.

It is wonderful to be able to give Jesus my life! haha! What sheer delight! What thrill! What joy!

It’s all for His glory. HIS GLORY!!!!!! GLORY!!!!!

I love His GLORY!

On top of all that, here is one of my favorite songs about my favorite person: God.

And Steffany Frizzell’s thoughts on worship

“Faith” & “40” by Jason Upton

I was driving home from a friend’s tonight and my ipod shuffled to a song which took me back – to the summer after I graduated from university (2001). I would play the song on repeat, windows open, arm outstretched, a veritable mobile worship unit of hope and passion. The song is “Faith” by Jason Upton.

The next song in the shuffle tonight was “40” by Jason Upton. It was another song I used as a fishing rod, casting the line from 2001 far into the future – into the nation of Iraq. It was in 2001 I had a dream of myself and some friends in one of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces in Iraq. We were leading a Christian meeting. Saddam’s regime had fallen and he was dead. I knew it was a prophetic picture to be fulfilled. Now, ten years later (to the month) I am preparing to reel in the fish I threw my faith-hook into a decade ago. I am getting ready to go to Iraq.

He is faithful.

To lay faith on faith on faith, here is Jason’s song about Martin Luther King Jr, “Never Alone Martin.” I have had many moments when I felt Jesus grab my hand while listening to this song. He says to my heart, “Never alone, Dawn.” Hear him say it to your heart too. YOU are NEVER alone.