Back to Eden ****AMAZING FILM!!!!!****


Monday night I went to The Inventors’ Group at my church. As a result I was introduced to the following film. This is one of the most inspiring films I have ever seen. It is about much more than innovative ways of gardening. It’s about a revolution. It’s about thinking outside the box in all areas of life. It’s about co-laboring with God, hearing His ideas, learning from Who He is. It’s about rest, not striving. The whole journey is a brilliant metaphor for life with God: the pruning, the innate water (the Holy Spirit), the choice to follow His design instead of creating  a false sense of control, the reality of quality, and the beauty of a healthy harvest.

Please watch this film and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you through it. You will be changed.

Watch the film free HERE.

Enjoy an original song from the film HERE.