Finishing my book soon!

Well, 22 months later, I am nearly done with my first book, “Driving through Walls.” The book will be released in May!!!!

Here is an excerpt of an endorsement by Theresa Dedmon, Arts Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California:

Dawn’s sense of humor, raw story telling about her journey, and heart for God light up the pages and shed hope into those who have always dreamt, but not seen that God is good.  Get this book, and devour it, and find your own path through the pages.

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Thanks for the encouragement and support. This is an extremely exciting moment.

Endorsements for My Book: “Driving through Walls”

My book will be published soon. When I was a child I woke up really early on Christmas morning because of excitement and anticipation. Since it is still two months before publication, I should probably not stay awake from now until then – despite my joyful enthusiasm. I need my sleep to finish the journey.

I am in the midst of the editing ocean now. It is a great, tedious, and maturing journey.

To whet your appetite for the book, I’m going to drip-drop endorsements for my book onto you in the weeks ahead.

Praise for Driving through Walls

Thousands upon thousands each year go on pilgrimage to the land of the Holy One. There they see the divine majesty of the one who once trod that land. There are very few people who will take residence in that land called Holy, but rent apart by trauma, turmoil, and conflict. I, like Dawn, have lived there and loved that land. In this book you are given the opportunity to see it like it really is. You also see what, I believe, is the only way to cope here, the supernatural miraculous nature of G-d.

As you read Dawn’s inspiring words you will see how from a very young age the Lord was preparing Dawn to be in this place and do this work. Somehow I think this is just the beginning for Dawn, but spiritually this book will give you a chance to come here too.

The Rev’d Canon Andrew P B White, Vicar of Baghdad

President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation on the Middle East



In a fast-paced world of opinions and sound bites it is always refreshing to read a book that matters. Dawn’s story is a story of courage, compassion, wide-eyed wonder and, most of all, faith. She has experienced horrors that none of us ever want to ever see, and wonders that we all hope could happen to us. Her’s is a story that will encourage you and prompt you to seize God’s call on your life. I encourage you to read it with joy!

Dr. Paul Wright

President of Jerusalem University College

Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, Israel



You can help my book get published by pre-purchasing a copy and/or making a contribution. Anonymous giving is available. I need $1,335 by March 31, 2012 to get the book published. It will be released in MAY!!!! HOORAY!

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Join the party: Help me publish my book

Well folks,

The good news is my book should be published in May or June! Rather than a traditional publisher, I have decided to self-publish. For this process I need to come up with $1,800 by the end of this month. If you’d love the opportunity to support me in fulfilling this life dream and publishing a book that will inspire individuals and nations, go. . .


Thank you to infinity and beyond. 

Heather Handstands Her Way out of the Bathroom: An Excerpt from my Book

Heather Handstands Her Way out of the Bathroom

                One fine morning in Salem as I made my way to the kitchen I heard staccato commotion coming from the basement: abrupt questions against muffled answers. I continued my descent. There stood Carrie speaking through the bathroom door to Heather who was inside. Locked inside. Apparently the lock jammed and she’d been stuck in there for nearly an hour. Various ones tried to undo the door, but to no avail.

The landlords were out-of-country and the repairman was not answering his phone. They asked me for suggestions. I hypothesized we could take the door off its hinges. Soon I had a screwdriver in hand and was doing just that. Then the screwdriver, the blatantly cheap screwdriver, broke. That is to say, the metal bit lodged itself in the hinge’s barrel and cleaved to it “til death do us part.” The handle of the screwdriver remained in my hand. Now what? We’d supplied Heather with magazines we’d slipped beneath the door, but hours had transpired and though she claimed to be content, we figured she had nearly overstayed her welcome.

We wondered aloud if she could squeeze herself out the small window above the sink. The window was about six inches above the ground outside the house. Heather not only thought she could do this; she was enthralled by the challenge. Now, in the Salem House we had a penchant for doing ordinary acts with pizzazz. This was no different. Heather decided rather than putting her arms through the window and having us pull her up from the outside, she would do a handstand on the sink and poke her legs through the window for us to grab onto. Genius. Pure, acrobatic, former cheerleader genius. With remarkable agility it worked. She got her legs out the window and we carefully added our strength to hers and got her out. That was a first: a handstand escape through a basement bathroom window. (Eventually someone did come and remove the bathroom door, repair the lock, and restore the bathroom to its former glory.)

I wonder if our old bathroom is on the phone right now recalling this same story to one of her bathroom friends. . .


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“Cybill Shepherd and God Tag-Teaming”: An Excerpt from My Book

I’ve spent a big chunk of today editing my book. It’s at 271 pages and the publisher needs it to be 256. Moreover, I’m not even done WRITING the book so, this is a tremendous editing effort. Anyhow, the bit about my mom hearing from God through Cybill Shepherd’s TV show is one of my favorite parts. ENJOY. 


My mom was coming around too, unbeknownst to me. My sister informed me that my mom picked up a copy of a magazine that spotlighted Boston and she remarked again-and-again how much the city reminded her of me. I laughed – my mom never mentioned this to me, of course, but it was obvious God was leading her heart to be able to bless my move as well.

Father’s Day weekend in June of 2002 was our big step forward. My dad and my sisters were in Mexico on a missions trip so I trekked up to Fresno, a four hour drive, to spend a few days with my mom. It was the last time I would be with her before my departure in August. My mom made a point of emphasizing that. One afternoon we were seated on the balcony drinking tea and she mournfully said, “Well, I guess this is the last time we will be drinking tea on the balcony.” Later while having dinner, she paused, “Well, I guess this is the last time we will be having dinner together.” “Mom, I will be back to visit. We’ll do these things again, just not as often,” I quipped. Regardless, with nearly every activity we did, my mom would tack on the observation, “I guess this is the last time we will be _____________ together.”

At the visit’s end I stood at the white door to my parents’ house, my sandals on the pale green rug, moving toward the door as they had thousands of times before, and my mom hugged me and said, “Well, I guess this is the last time I will be saying goodbye to you.” I smiled. “I’ll call you when I get back home, Mom.” I plopped in my car and in exasperation said, “God, you have got to talk to my mom about this!”

My car sailed out of Fresno, darting past vineyards, orchards, outlet malls, travel centers, big rigs, out through the central valley, over the grapevine into the Los Angeles basin and all the way into my sunny parking place in Orange County. Topography talks. It’s one of the many reasons I love driving. The changes in trees, hills, fields, and even the drop sheet of the mainly blue sky over the scaffolding of earth’s atmosphere, told me parables. I could see transition. I could see hope. I could feel my beloved 1992 Toyota Celica put on his game face to conquer the steep inclines before him. I could see how, in a mere four hours, nearly everything could change.

I called my mom.

“The strangest thing happened after you left,” she said immediately. “What? What happened?” I asked. “Well, I guess I was feeling lonely and I went and sat down in front of the TV.” “What?” I thought, “My mom almost never sits down and watches TV, particularly on her own. That’s strange already!” She went on, “Well, you know that show with Cybill Shepherd? You know, it’s pretty much her show?” “Yeaaaaaah” I said, remembering how very much my mom adored that particular actress. “So, I saw that show and I started to watch it and it was so strange.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “The show, I mean, the storyline of the show: Cybill Shepherd’s character’s daughter and her lived in Southern California, but her daughter was engaged to a man from Boston. So, her daughter wanted to move to Boston, but Cybil really didn’t want her to… then they all had a discussion about it over dinner. They talked about the pros and cons of Boston versus Southern California. By the end of dinner, Cybill Shepherd’s character realized that Boston was the best place for her daughter and she decided to support her move – even though she would be sad she was far away, she knew it was where she was supposed to be.”

My mom’s voice drifted back into her brain, “Isn’t that odd? I mean, because it’s like you and your situation; and you are moving from Southern California to the Boston area.” Dumbfounded, I said, “Yeah, that’s really amazing, Mom.” Coming back out of her brain she added, “It’s like with me, I mean, I think I see now why you need to move to Massachusetts. And you’ll be far away, and that will be sad for me, but I think it is what you are supposed to do and maybe I need to see it more from your perspective and be more supportive of your decision to move.” I was absolutely beside myself in awe. HOW DID GOD DO THAT? How did He put that together so that one of my mom’s favorite actresses was on a show with that plotline? How did He arrange for the timing so that my mom would go through exactly the emotional journey she needed to, at just the right time? HOW DID GOD DO THAT?

I knew one thing, He loved me more than I could ever fathom. And boy was I glad.

Girl pushes boulder

Last June I received a card in the mail from a friend. As Holy Spirit often teams up with the postal carrier, it was aptly-timed. The image brought tears from my internal well. Then I read the note of encouragement inside and all well broke loose. ha. It’s a picture of a little girl pushing a huge boulder, seemingly believing she can do it. I am that girl. Today the image caught my eye from its framed location on my wall. I was reminded again of who I am and the greatness of the One inside me.

Let’s move some boulders.

My Latest Ebook: “Grass, Trees, Sunshine: The Story of Jihad Ramadan”

I published another ebook today. This one is the life story of my friend Jihad Ramadan, a Palestinian living in Deheisheh Camp in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories. His story is a snapshot of many Palestinian lives. My hope is that the book will raise awareness and love for the Palestinian people and Jihad too. The book is a quick read at 28 pages. Also, 50% of the profit goes directly to Jihad who dreams of building a home soon.

“Grass, Trees, Sunshine: The Story of Jihad Ramadan” is for sale on for $2.99.

Check it out and spread the word!

Inside the American Embassy in Iraq

When I was in Baghdad in November I spent many hours inside the American Embassy, including Thanksgiving dinner in the Dining Facilities. Here’s a slideshow of the embassy for a better perspective:

The US Embassy in Baghdad from above

When God Calls You By Name (PART 2): An excerpt from my book


Approximately a year later I was at church one evening when two prophetic ministers were visiting: a married couple. The service was coming to its end as I was standing near the back of the room. And there was my name again. “Would Dawn please come up here?” one of them said. Yikes! I had never met these people. God certainly has a way with words – especially when that word is your name. In a state of arrested attention, I walked up. They placed their hands on me. They waited; and the power of God began to loosen the bolts of madness inside me. Then one of them said, “The oppression and depression is over. It has been a long night, but the oppression and depression is over. It has been a long night, but a new dawn has come.

I collapsed to the floor. The Holy Spirit stepped up to the plate and hit me out of the park. Home Run. I was out for around thirty minutes and by the time I arose, nearly everyone had exited the building.

When I got up I was


The Holy Spirit’s

home run ball

slung into the window

of my sad house

splintering depression

into trillions of pieces.

His winds

Blew those pieces

East from west

Away from me.



Truly, a “new dawn” had come. And I was her.