Love. It’s bigger than I know.

“Love. It’s bigger than I know. With love there is no fear of punishment. In fearless love I find
abundant life. God is not afraid of my mistakes, and He’s not going to manage my half of ‘us.’ Fear
shuts me down. As a son, I love, live, and leave a legacy. Am I courageously running toward a dream?
Nothing can conquer me. I can face my greatest fears. There is freedom in love. Slaves must obey or
suffer, as a son I have a daddy who is cheering me on. As a son I have an inheritance, a responsibility,
and it requires me to be powerful. What makes me powerful is that I remember who I am. Sin is
anything that causes me to miss out on the abundant life that God wants me to have.”

− Danny Silk

My Latest Newsletter!

my latest newsletter

Also, my book, “Driving Through Walls” is now sold in the Bethel Church bookstore in Redding, CA!

If you are in Redding, GO GET ONE TODAY!

Let me know if you want to host a book-signing or arrange for the books to be sold somewhere.

Go team!

Finishing my book soon!

Well, 22 months later, I am nearly done with my first book, “Driving through Walls.” The book will be released in May!!!!

Here is an excerpt of an endorsement by Theresa Dedmon, Arts Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California:

Dawn’s sense of humor, raw story telling about her journey, and heart for God light up the pages and shed hope into those who have always dreamt, but not seen that God is good.  Get this book, and devour it, and find your own path through the pages.

If you’d like to read more endorsements, pre-purchase a book, or make a contribution toward publishing costs, click


Thanks for the encouragement and support. This is an extremely exciting moment.

Endorsements for My Book: “Driving through Walls”

My book will be published soon. When I was a child I woke up really early on Christmas morning because of excitement and anticipation. Since it is still two months before publication, I should probably not stay awake from now until then – despite my joyful enthusiasm. I need my sleep to finish the journey.

I am in the midst of the editing ocean now. It is a great, tedious, and maturing journey.

To whet your appetite for the book, I’m going to drip-drop endorsements for my book onto you in the weeks ahead.

Praise for Driving through Walls

Thousands upon thousands each year go on pilgrimage to the land of the Holy One. There they see the divine majesty of the one who once trod that land. There are very few people who will take residence in that land called Holy, but rent apart by trauma, turmoil, and conflict. I, like Dawn, have lived there and loved that land. In this book you are given the opportunity to see it like it really is. You also see what, I believe, is the only way to cope here, the supernatural miraculous nature of G-d.

As you read Dawn’s inspiring words you will see how from a very young age the Lord was preparing Dawn to be in this place and do this work. Somehow I think this is just the beginning for Dawn, but spiritually this book will give you a chance to come here too.

The Rev’d Canon Andrew P B White, Vicar of Baghdad

President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation on the Middle East



In a fast-paced world of opinions and sound bites it is always refreshing to read a book that matters. Dawn’s story is a story of courage, compassion, wide-eyed wonder and, most of all, faith. She has experienced horrors that none of us ever want to ever see, and wonders that we all hope could happen to us. Her’s is a story that will encourage you and prompt you to seize God’s call on your life. I encourage you to read it with joy!

Dr. Paul Wright

President of Jerusalem University College

Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, Israel



You can help my book get published by pre-purchasing a copy and/or making a contribution. Anonymous giving is available. I need $1,335 by March 31, 2012 to get the book published. It will be released in MAY!!!! HOORAY!

Info here.

Join the party: Help me publish my book

Well folks,

The good news is my book should be published in May or June! Rather than a traditional publisher, I have decided to self-publish. For this process I need to come up with $1,800 by the end of this month. If you’d love the opportunity to support me in fulfilling this life dream and publishing a book that will inspire individuals and nations, go. . .


Thank you to infinity and beyond.