How to Overcome Disappointment

This is one of my go-to aids for strengthening myself in the Lord and overcoming the waves, instead of the waves overcoming me.


How to Overcome Disappointment

by Bill Johnson

  1. Get alone with God in absolute honesty. (ie. “I know you aren’t the author of this, but I feel like you betrayed me and I need you to heal me.”)
  2. Go to the psalms. Read until you hear your voice in the psalms. When you find that you find the beginning of your healing. When you find that place, stay there.
  3. If you want peace that passes understanding, you have to give up your right to understand.

“I Still Believe” – Kim Walker-Smith

YES!!!!! He has ALREADY done it. He has paid for our wholeness, healing, and salvation. It is done. We simply need to access it and apply it.

<Holy Spirit, teach us how to implement the fullness Jesus has placed in our warehouse.>

Bless the name of Jesus!!!! He is beautiful! He is radiant! He is alive!