I recently wrote a guest review for the book “Lion of Babylon” on the author’s website. I would love it if you read the review and posted comments on that website. Let’s use this as an opportunity to raise outrageous hope for Iraq! Spread the word! Read the book! Get friends and family to read the book! Believe for Iraq’s flourishing!


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levitation inspiration

Dreaming of levitating at a curious poster of "L" words in China

I love levitation. Mind you, not the kind with demonic roots, but the kind that comes from heaven. There are many stories of Jesus-loving mystics in centuries past known for their frequent levitation. Moreover, there are many stories of people NOW levitating as they become more in tune with God and the realities of defying “impossibility” which He provides for His kids. I expect levitation to become common amongst believers in the years ahead. And I shall be one of them. It will be fun and useful – particularly when it includes being transported to somewhere far away – like Phillip in Acts 8.

My sister Dori introduced me to the works of a Japanese photographer named Natsumi who jumps, leaps, and leans in such a way as to create the appearance of levitation. I LOVE THESE IMAGES! They give me more vision for what is to come as heaven comes to earth and “greater works” (John 14:12) are in motion!

la, dee, dee…up up and away we go!

More of Natsumi’s ingenious photos here:

I’m selling poems!

I write personalized poems. And I sell them too.

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One amazing story was of a poem I wrote at retreat called “Pencil-vania.” I didn’t know who it was for, but I felt it was for someone connected to Pennsylvania. I asked the people around me if anyone was from Pennsylvania. No one was, but one woman piped up that her roommate speaks Pennsylvania Dutch. “Is she from Pennsylvania?” I asked. “No, but she used to be Amish,” the woman answered. “What?! That’s amazing!” I laughed – because the poem was about God bringing someone from a place of black and white and grey to a place of color – from pencil to colors! hahaha! This woman left a world where people wore a lot of black and white and thought in a lot of black and white! Suddenly, she saw her roommate and called her over. The woman read the poem and was really astounded by the accuracy of the poem and very encouraged by the reminder of what God is doing in her life right now. It was a beautiful moment. And that is the kind of artistic encouragement I love sharing with people through poems. It’s really fun and powerful.

I relish being part of illuminating the real identity of people and places. I have had really encouraging feedback from those I’ve written poems for and I’m delighted to see more people know more clearly who they are and to be cheered into greatness by Holy-Spirit-kissed poetry! Wonderful! haha!