the Baghdad trip recipe: 99 people giving $40

I’m going to Baghdad this fall to meet leaders and deliver paintings to them; and to cast vision and prepare for my semi-move there next year. You can take part in this opportunity at this specific moment in history to see a nation flourish. Beyond the news, beyond the statistics, there is a beautiful nation full of amazing people in need of advocacy and courage on their behalf.  Will you believe with me for outrageous hope for Iraq?

From heaven’s perspective this is already a done deal, but here on earth I still need some money. Every bit matters, even one dollar is part of the fulfillment.

It is as easy as 99 people giving $40. So, if you think this is a beautiful, wonderful, blissful, historical moment in history for Iraq and you’d like to toss some happy agreement money in my direction, click the link below and easily give online. Goooo team!

Imagine a year from now: Baghdad is more stable, children are more free to play, more families picnic by the Tigris River, the Iraqi dinar is stronger, the Middle East is more peaceful, and YOU had a part in it! haha! THAT will be gorgeous!

Please share the opportunity to cheer for mothers, fathers, and children in Iraq by sharing the link below on facebook, twitter, your blog, your website, via email, and via word of mouth. Let’s stand together and champion the people of Iraq and the restoration of their dreams and their lives.

THANKS for believing in me and investing in HOPE for the Middle East! I love Baghdad SO much! One glimpse of the city or the mere mention of its name and my heart beats with the passion of a thousand hearts, a thousand happy, smitten hearts. Baghdad will flourish.

HOPE’s anthem, a song to get your hope-beat pitter-pattering faster:

And one of my favorite new songs, “Jesus, You Have Won Me,” go to minute 16:50

Jesus has already WON Iraq. He paid for it. And her heart is turning to Him. She’ll sing along very soon. : )

She’ll also sing along to this:

! رمضان كريم and Happy Ramadan Everyone!

Tomorrow August 1, 2011 is the first day of Ramadan. Ramadan occurs during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, which varies from year to year based on the moon so Ramadan is not the same dates every year, but actually gets about 11 days earlier each year. Ramadan is meant to be a month (30 days) of fasting. This fasting is refraining from eating, drinking, and smoking from sun up to sun down. The practice of fasting is adherence to one of the five pillars of Islam – the five primary tenets of Islam.

Two main greetings during Ramadan are “Ramadan Mubarak” which means “Ramadan Blessings” and “Ramadan Kareem” which means “generous” or “rich” Ramadan. When I lived in Palestine I relished the opportunity to say “Ramadan Kareem” during Ramadan because there was a hidden nutritional content to my words. I was blessing people with revelation and depth of encounter with God. My friends usually thought I was referring to God or “Allah” as identified in Islam, but I was referring to the Living God, the Father of Jesus and the Creator of All. I was blessing them to know the Truth and to have the Truth set them free.

On that note,


رمضان كريم

to all of you!

Blessings of revelation, encounters with Jesus, and the great and glorious engulfing love of God! 




more about Ramadan: