Middle East Monday: SHOP PALESTINE

Wondering how you can support and encourage Palestinians during this time of war in Gaza?

Buy Palestinian goods.

There are many options out there. So, whether you’d like a new ceramic bowl, an olive wood carving, or some beautiful earrings to give a friend…

Check out the links below. Let me know what incredible items you purchase! 

Remember, when you buy from a place, you support its economy, when you support an economy, you support a nation – its people, its dreams, its destiny.


The Hadeel Organization





A Note from a Palestinian’s Wife

My sister’s strong and compelling reflections. Please allow them to affect you – both in belief and in action. Thanks.

We CAN change the world and bring an end to war. True compassion will help with that. 🙂

Dori's Blog

Hi, my name is Dori. I’m 27. I’m American and I have family members dying in Gaza. Over 25 family members have died in less than two weeks time. I have not even had the chance to meet them. I should clarify they are not of my flesh and blood, you see, I am married to a Palestinian man. They are his relatives, his blood, but when you marry someone their family becomes your own. I can’t say I know their names, their ages, or even that I could recognize their faces. Yet, my lack of memories haunts my hurting heart. I don’t like war; I dream of hope, peace and love. But in days like these, when so many heart-breaking things are taking place in our world, I struggle to feel others are hoping with me. Days- when empathy and love are lacking and judgment and anger blinds.


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