Sex Trafficking: Experiencing Restoration, but Still Running

My very smart sister is getting a Masters degree in Social Work. She’s very passionate and learned about sex trafficking. Plus, she spent three months in India working in a restoration house for rescued women. I continuously learn and receive inspiration from her.

She appreciated this article and thus, I thought it ought to be shared here. It’s a good reminder that fixing a circumstance doesn’t necessarily heal the heart issues. This is the same with individuals as it is with nations etc. For example, the toppling of a dictatorial government does not bring a nation into instant health and wholeness. There is still inner healing needed. Much of one’s inclination to run, to return to old ways, and to rebel against kindness is in one’s broken sense of identity. When true identity and value is felt, actions and perspectives will shift too.

What do you think about this?


China’s air, a pink skyscraper is coming to your aid!

A few years ago I was in China. The air quality was atrocious. I’d heard of its opaque, grey cloud, but seeing it in person was alarming. Whether day or night, the sky in Chengdu was murky and dreary.

Well, I think its awesomely innovative to introduce a skyscraper in China that will also clean the air! Three cheers for cleaner air in China!


“I loved the reactions when I told Christians I was a Playboy porn producer” – ARTICLE

Recognizing that people are often drawn to the secret things people hide, I genuinely hope those who read this article don’t do so simply for the sake of voyeurism, but in order to be truly affected by a look at the awful realities of the porn industry. Then, I hope people are radically impacted to make a change.

A change begins with one person. You can be part of the solution. Will you?




Back to Eden ****AMAZING FILM!!!!!****


Monday night I went to The Inventors’ Group at my church. As a result I was introduced to the following film. This is one of the most inspiring films I have ever seen. It is about much more than innovative ways of gardening. It’s about a revolution. It’s about thinking outside the box in all areas of life. It’s about co-laboring with God, hearing His ideas, learning from Who He is. It’s about rest, not striving. The whole journey is a brilliant metaphor for life with God: the pruning, the innate water (the Holy Spirit), the choice to follow His design instead of creating  a false sense of control, the reality of quality, and the beauty of a healthy harvest.

Please watch this film and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you through it. You will be changed.

Watch the film free HERE.

Enjoy an original song from the film HERE.

Girl pushes boulder

Last June I received a card in the mail from a friend. As Holy Spirit often teams up with the postal carrier, it was aptly-timed. The image brought tears from my internal well. Then I read the note of encouragement inside and all well broke loose. ha. It’s a picture of a little girl pushing a huge boulder, seemingly believing she can do it. I am that girl. Today the image caught my eye from its framed location on my wall. I was reminded again of who I am and the greatness of the One inside me.

Let’s move some boulders.