Video — Iraqs Guns for Hire — National Geographic

If you’d like insight on the life and environment of security contractors in Baghdad, Iraq watch this 45 minute film. You’ll also get to see that precious city’s streets. Take note, this film came out in 2007 when the situation in Baghdad still involved the US military.

I love Iraq. I really do.  She will move past all this mayhem and shine again.

Video — Iraqs Guns for Hire — National Geographic.

These were our usual two trucks of security detail in Baghdad. These are NOT foreign security contractors. They are Iraqi. And they are actually quite kind and jovial when not on hyper-alert.

HOPE IRAQ CD: Welcome to the Project

One of the things I am up to lately is the raising of one of my brainchildren. I have long-dreamed to create a music CD of prophetic songs for specific cities in Iraq. Now that dream is being born. Friends of mine are spear-heading the HOPE IRAQ CD project. We hope to complete the professional quality CD by May. Some time thereafter, it will be for sale publicly.

Come journey with us on a dream to transform a nation by seeing her prophetic destiny and declaring heaven’s purposes over precious Iraq. This is the sort of thing that will change history – for the better.

 <Iraq, arise and shine! You will flourish again!>

Click for more —–> Welcome to the Project. <—-

My EBOOK for sale!

First of all, this is not THE book I am working on – that book is a memoir. THIS is a compilation of my academic writings about the Middle East. Check it out! And be sure to tell your friends too! Enjoy. Preview it HERE.

Buy it on Amazon for $3.99 HERE.

The book is approximately 140 pages long (depends on the device you read it on). Here’s the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents


Chapter One

Issues in the Modern Middle East: Questions and Answers

Chapter Two

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)

Chapter Three

Israel’s War of Independence

Chapter Four

Arab Nationalism

Chapter Five

Arab Regimes

Chapter Six

The Middle East in the Ottoman Empire

Chapter Seven

Snapshots of the Crusades: The Battle for the Holy Land

Chapter Eight

Afghanistan’s Taliban: A consideration of justice, injustice, & Christian response

Chapter Nine

Zionism: Zion is mmmmm . . . a lot of things

Chapter Ten

Jewish Thought and Practice: Rites Regarding Life and Death

Chapter Eleven

A Look at Christianity among Arabs in Israel

Chapter Twelve

The Islamic “Story of Jesus”

Closing Thoughts

The Loft Sessions by Bethel Music

Bethel Music released a new album this week. It’s called “The Loft Sessions” and it is absolutely gorgeous. The music passionately welcomes the Holy Spirit in a distinct and powerful way. The song “Draw Near” is one of my favorites. Ah, the bliss of Jesus! We are already one with Him! Let’s increase our awareness and enjoy LOVE!

Also, you can buy the album HERE.

Pretty Baghdad

“Pretty” and “Baghdad” aren’t often paired together, despite the truth that Baghdad is very pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. God is the Ultimate Beholder. How He sees cities is how they really are. God sees potential in cities. He sees giftings. He sees dreams and destinies, hopes and visions. He wants cities to shine.

I like this illustration of Baghdad because it is very pretty.

I hope it helps people re-see that precious city and its precious people.


I recently wrote a guest review for the book “Lion of Babylon” on the author’s website. I would love it if you read the review and posted comments on that website. Let’s use this as an opportunity to raise outrageous hope for Iraq! Spread the word! Read the book! Get friends and family to read the book! Believe for Iraq’s flourishing!


Read the review: