As Foreign Insurgents Continue to Terrorize Syria, the Reconciliation Trend Grows

There ARE positive events occurring in the midst of the horrors. Change IS possible. Invest your belief toward positive change in Syria!

In Gaza

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by Eva Bartlett / August 22nd, 2014, Dissident Voice

In June, 2014, I met with Dr. Ali Haidar, Syria’s Minister of National Reconciliation, in his Damascus office. An eye surgeon and leader of the SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party, an opposition party within Syria), Dr. Haidar assumed position as Minister of Reconciliation in June 2012.

Eva Bartlett: What is ‘Mussalaha’ (‘Reconciliation’)?  How did it begin?

Dr. Ali Haidar: In February, 2012, the Syrian government changed the constitution, and in May Syria held Parliamentary elections. We, as an opposition party, joined the elections, because we believe that the solution is Syria is a political one, reconciliation between all Syrians…when there is talk between all Syrians.

After much discussion in Parliament, we drafted the paperwork requesting to start a Reconciliation Ministry. President Bashar al-Assad supported the idea, and the Ministry was established in June, 2012 when the President decreed the formation of…

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A Note from a Palestinian’s Wife

My sister’s strong and compelling reflections. Please allow them to affect you – both in belief and in action. Thanks.

We CAN change the world and bring an end to war. True compassion will help with that. 🙂

Dori's Blog

Hi, my name is Dori. I’m 27. I’m American and I have family members dying in Gaza. Over 25 family members have died in less than two weeks time. I have not even had the chance to meet them. I should clarify they are not of my flesh and blood, you see, I am married to a Palestinian man. They are his relatives, his blood, but when you marry someone their family becomes your own. I can’t say I know their names, their ages, or even that I could recognize their faces. Yet, my lack of memories haunts my hurting heart. I don’t like war; I dream of hope, peace and love. But in days like these, when so many heart-breaking things are taking place in our world, I struggle to feel others are hoping with me. Days- when empathy and love are lacking and judgment and anger blinds.


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Sex Trafficking: Experiencing Restoration, but Still Running

My very smart sister is getting a Masters degree in Social Work. She’s very passionate and learned about sex trafficking. Plus, she spent three months in India working in a restoration house for rescued women. I continuously learn and receive inspiration from her.

She appreciated this article and thus, I thought it ought to be shared here. It’s a good reminder that fixing a circumstance doesn’t necessarily heal the heart issues. This is the same with individuals as it is with nations etc. For example, the toppling of a dictatorial government does not bring a nation into instant health and wholeness. There is still inner healing needed. Much of one’s inclination to run, to return to old ways, and to rebel against kindness is in one’s broken sense of identity. When true identity and value is felt, actions and perspectives will shift too.

What do you think about this?


Middle East Monday: The Kani Shaie Archaeological Project – Biblical Archaeology Society

One delicious summer, I was part of an archaeological dig at Bethsaida in Israel. It was fascinating. There is an incredible amount of effort, expertise, and care that goes into a dig. Here’s a wonderful window into a very relevant, groundbreaking dig:

The Kani Shaie Archaeological Project – Biblical Archaeology Society

World WReligion Wednesday: Mormon Church Excommunicates ‘Ordain Women’ Founder –

One of my most cherished Bible verses is Galatians 3:26-29:


“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

Furthermore, I absolutely support the ordination of women as priests, pastors, and so on. Thus, I think the current re-think occurring within the Mormon Church is something to pay attention to. After you read the article, you are cordially invited to share your thoughts in the comment section. However, please refrain from dishonorable criticism. Healthy assessment is great, but condescension or mean-spirited vitriolic is not. Thanks! Let’s think well together!


Tell girls, “You’re pretty BRILLIANT” not just “you’re pretty.”

This video is good. I don’t agree with some of the emphases, but the overall message is golden. I remember being INCENSED as a kid when it seemed like 95% of the compliments I got were about physical appearance. I recognize that many of those people were well-meaning, but it was very unbalanced. For me, I was a straight A student and had a plethora of other things I worked hard to accomplish, learn, and understand. THOSE were the things I was most passionate about. THOSE were the things that truly made me ME. Those were the things I invested copious hours into. It wasn’t the prettiness of my dress or the beauty of my little girl curly hair, it was my inner roar – my vision, my desire to change the world and my willingness to do it, my imagination, my creativity, and so forth.

I’ve since calmed down to where I can appreciate a compliment about physical beauty (toward me or toward someone else) – and I do think there is worth in that, not based on society’s standards of physical beauty granted, but based on being able to see the true glory and physical beauty in every single person. It’s great to recognize beauty in architecture and it’s great to recognize beauty in people too. However, it’s infinitely valuable to look beyond the surface and cherish, encourage, and celebrate people for who they truly are.

Let’s re-think the way we talk to girls in particular, shall we?

World WReligion Wednesday: Dhammakaya Buddhist Temple Has Room For 1 Million

One of my favorite quotes about faith is, “All truth is God’s truth.” Saint Augustine said it. It gives joy to discovering the realities of some truth in various religions. For example, the focus on inner peace in Buddhism is a real asset. I don’t agree with Buddhism as a whole, but I cherish the appreciation for peace. There is something to be learned there. Anyhow, Buddhism now has a temple with room for a million people! Check it out!

Dhammakaya Temple by Constantinos Catsoulis on 500px