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About Me:

University Professor,

Published Author (“Driving Through Walls“),

Middle East Advocate,

 Ecstatic Wife of My Perfect Co-muse: Neel Bulchandani,

and joyful enjoyer of the presence of God.

“The person with the most hope

has the most influence.”

– Steve Backlund

I am committed to outrageous HOPE.

Jesus is Incarnate Hope. He is also Incarnate Love.

This Love is always with me, in me, and around me.

I believe Jesus; and I believe ALL His words and actions are true.

Together, INSEPARABLY together,

we are transforming the universe.

“These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.”

(Acts 17:6)

And with those words, the leaders of the city of Thessalonica (now part of Greece), drug Jason and other followers of Jesus before the city officials. Jason and friends, like Jeremiah, had a fire they could not contain.

” his message becomes like a fire locked up inside of me, burning in my heart and soul.

I grow weary of trying to hold it in; I cannot contain it.”

(Jeremiah 20:9)

What they could not contain was due to WHO Jesus is and what He has done. FREEDOM. He bought it. LOVE. He gave it.

I’ve seen Jesus do a lot. I’m part of that “a lot.” I’m rapturously, happily, passionately drenched IN LOVE with Jesus. And I love to give away the overflow, the ever expanding, always present, overflow.

Jesus said, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

And His life paved the way for my life to do the same.

He also said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” (John 14:12)

And I believe Him. And greater works I will do.

All that I am grows from Him. For in Him I am alive. Madly, without boxes or borders to dreams, ALIVE!

Go forth and set the world on FIRE.

Go forth and set the world on FIRE.

Speaking of setting the world on fire…

When I was 16 God gave me a raging passion for the Middle East. I spent hours of years on my face in my bedroom weeping for the Muslim World. What His Spirit burned in me during those years is immeasurable – potent, like staring at the Sun. After finishing college, then graduate school, then teaching at a community college for a year, in 2006 at 26 years old I moved to the Middle East.

I lived in Israel 3 years, primarily in Bethlehem -in the West Bank – in an 80% Muslim city. Bethlehem is part of the Palestinian Territories which includes the West Bank and Gaza. There are about 2.5 million people in the West Bank and about 1.5 million in Gaza. (Of the total 4 million about 1% follow Jesus). God gave me His heart to establish His kingdom there. And He is establishing it.

And greater works are in motion. People are being miraculously healed. Jesus is revealing Himself in dreams. Whole families, once Muslim, are being baptized. And love is becoming more desirable than hate. And LOVE has already won.

Most of my people-time went toward: a drama/discipleship group, a mental hospital, highlighted individuals who have the kingdom in their eyes; and prayer, healing, prophecy, and deliverance in all of those places.

As of September 2009, I am back in California. Much to my surprise, on April 29, 2009 God made it clear I was to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. In May of 2010 I graduated from my first year. In May of 2011 I graduated from second year.

In November 2011 I spent three weeks in Iraq. It was incredible, fantastical, hysterical, and miraculous. It was the fulfillment of 16 years of praying and dreaming. My feet returned to America ecstatic with faith, hope, and love. Iraq will shine once again. Iraqis will live in peace and know they are loved. And heaven WILL come to earth.

One day I will return to Iraq to visit and bring more healing. I will also bring buckets of hope to every other Middle Eastern nation. I am still passionate about the Middle East and its flourishing. Right now I am building a base of community and love (I’m getting married in 2013!) here in California. Additionally, I am a professor at Simpson University in Redding, California and in 2012 I published my first book, “Driving Through Walls: My Supernatural Journey of Hope.”

In the picture frame of all this, there is a painting in process: I want to be part of a prophetic council which rebuilds nations – especially in the Middle East. (Jeremiah 1 & Isaiah 61:4) I want to love entire nations into their FULLNESS. I want to give radical hope and courage to international political, religious, and military leaders. I want to raise up wildly fearless and lovesick leaders within nations who SEE HEAVEN and with great wisdom funnel creativity and new ideas into every area of society. I will see ENTIRE nations turn from deserts into GARDENS. I am not deterred by how things “look”; I see heaven and it is exploding with HOPE and TRUTH. I see Father God and He yearns to pour out Love. I see earth and I see beautiful, glorious people who shine with LIFE, promise, and victory. I want everyone to live out their dreams and to fulfill their gorgeous destinies in God.

Heaven is more real than earth. (2 Cor 4:18)
And Heaven is here – it’s a realm, not a place.
We must open our eyes and increase our awareness.
Nations will be transformed by this reality. And so will we.
Nothing is difficult in heaven and nothing is impossible.
Invincibility is not a superhero myth, it’s a kingdom reality.

All in all, I am a woman satisfied in Him. I’m smitten. Above all, He is what I want. God is my source. In His presence is fullness of joy. (Psalm 16:11) I am hidden in Christ and His opinion is the one I care most about. My first strategy is HIS FACE. From His gaze everything else falls into place. Everything in me longs for everything in Him. And His JOY is my strength!

Take heart! You are outstandingly, passionately loved by your Maker!

In the words of Nehemiah 8:10, “the joy of the LORD is your strength…”

laughing at my sister’s wedding       March 13, 2010

12 thoughts on “My ♥beat

  1. Dawn,
    I accept this invitation:
    To be inseparably (along with God)
    together with you in fusion and union,
    transforming the universe (and beyond)
    into heaven’s reality, eternity’s bliss.

    It is the greatest privilege of my
    re-born-in-Him Life
    and the sweetest pleasure
    that I’ve ever known
    to be the one who joins you in
    His perfect picture frame —
    Life, promise, and Victory,
    Let it be seen!

    To rebuild,
    to love,
    to give,
    to raise up,
    and to SEE —
    With you, I’ll take transcendent joy
    in seeing the process of this painting manifest.

    For the [multi-dimensional] joy of the Lord
    is our [fused together, united in harmony]
    [rock-solid, invincible, forged in the fire] strength.

    Nehemiah 8:10, AMPbyN (amplified by Neel version)


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