Welcome to World WReligion Wednesdays!

I teach “Christianity and World Religions” at a university. Today, I’m embarking on a new rhythm: I’m going to post about World Religions every Wednesday. My hope is for the posts to cheerfully prompt new ways of thinking, truth-discovery, and great dialogue. You are reading this, so you’re here in this flat-screened coffee shop of blog-mugs and internet-tea with us! How grand! Do feel free to pull up a mismatched chair and join the chat. I’m glad you are here.

dharma bike


If I was on a bike in the sun, I’d want to keep riding as long as my happy legs could. If I was on a bike with a flat tire on a muddy path, being followed by a gaggle of cantankerous geese, I’d want to get off that bike.

I teach “Christianity and World Religions” at a university. I currently teach at night so, I often come home with my thoughts whirring rather than sleeping. Like tonight.

Tonight it’s about samsara – the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth or reincarnation, as linked up in Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as other religions. I’m pondering the ways my own belief system, as a Christian, are different from that. An overarching theme is peace.

I’m thinking about how wonderful it is to have good things be permanent and bad things not be. Namely, suffering will eventually come to an end. Moreover, ecstatic elation, oneness with God, and complete communion with Him will not. I am truly going from glory to glory, ever-increasing in my experience of union with God. That will be most flourishingly activated once I’m no longer earth-tied. Whether I float off like Enoch or live a life that rides on into Jesus’ return, there will come an end to suffering AND a permanent establishing of peace. It will be a true, sweet return to Eden. This is very beautiful; and a great example of God’s value for rest, intimacy, and bliss.


What do you think about all this?


Drink some tea, join the conversation, post a reply.

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