Cancer has been defeated

My precious friend and bridesmaid Audrey is vivaciously alive and leading others to fullness of life. Plus, she overcame cancer. Read about it, let her strength awaken your soul, and lean in to the Holy Spirit’s beckoning to victory. You are victorious.

Audrey Hobbs Yoga

Cancer is dead

I love telling how I beat cancer. I can tell it from SO many different angels! My church just asked me to share it in regard to how I beat it and how I came to find the Lord. It’s a long story, so I put it in bullet points and have attached a during cancer and after/current pic of me.

I hope this inspires you. I hope this shows you that persistence partnered with God is unstoppable. Dream and pray big!

My healing from cancer:

  • I was searching for a deeper meaning to life after graduation from Ohio University; I wasn’t a Christian or raised in church
  • I was diagnosed with stage 3 immature teratoma ovarian cancer at 24 years old after a 5 pound tumor was surgically removed
  • I started receiving emails, cards, phone calls, and visits from family and friends saying that they were praying for me…

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