Well, I’m behind on Advent days, but this is in honor of day 6.


My husband and I recently decided to stay in town for Christmas, rather than travel to my family 5.5 hours south of us. This is because my husband’s family will be in our town.

It’s our first married Christmas. There’s some sadness about missing Christmas with my immediate family, but my husband’s family has become mine so, that’s a precious addition – and thus, I will be with “my” family either way. Moreover, marriage is a massive change to so many parts of life, I think it’s another area of stretching and renewing my mindset. And that’s beautiful.

Then, I got thinking about good ol’ Mary and Joseph and their journey from Naz to Bhem. I thought about the adoption of all future people into the family of God they were inviting. I thought about their sacrifice, their vision, their calling, and their unity.

Wow. I don’t know where their hearts most felt at home, but I theorize that after living so many places together, “home” was truly wherever they were together. Moreover, the presence of God united them, even while physically separate. It’s interesting, this spatial misconception we often have about separation and geography. We’re one in the spirit. We’re together.

We’re home.

Christmas gets Christmas-er the more we let our minds be renewed to think like God does.


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