Today is day four of Advent.

Last night I went to our monthly Resurrection Life meeting. It’s good to be on the leadership team of a group that is focused on raising the dead and bringing fullness of life to people and places. I very much look forward to the time when dead raising becomes more common – when lives are restored toward their destinies and people get to see the love of God powerfully displayed therein.

As I point the footsteps of my heart toward Christmas, I remind myself to stir up belief. In the words of my pastor, “You know your mind has been renewed when the ‘impossible’ becomes logical.” Today, I choose again to train and discipline my heart toward seeing the “impossible” happen.

For me, this includes families living free and powerfully united for kingdom purposes; peace in the Middle East; an end to slavery, child abandonment, and human trafficking; and a world where ecstatic encounters with God and the like (trances, levitation, transportation like Philip in Acts 8, genius ideas downloaded) are commonplace.

I am really excited to see heaven come to earth with increasing measure.

What are you excited about in this advent season?


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