Fulfillment comes on the wings of our prayers

In 2008, while living in Bethlehem, I sat at my desk and suggested to God that He teach my future husband about me through the psalms about dawn (ie. psalm 57 & 108), without him knowing that was what was happening.

Well, God did precisely that. For years prior to meeting me, Neel Bulchandani was prompted to meditate on the psalms about dawn and to get up before sunrise, to AWAKEN THE DAWN. Now, Neel will spend all our days awakening me spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically etc. He was well-prepared for a life of awakening THIS DAWN.

On this Father’s Day, I am enamored with THE Father, GOD. He completely encapsulates and overflows what it is to be a good dad. He gave me my heart’s desire in Neel and He partnered with me in bringing our union into being. He’s THAT GOOD!

*Happy Father’s Day, God!*

If you have specific desires, articulate them to God. He LOVES partnering with us to see our dreams and HIS DREAMS come true! If you want some practice, put out a specific prayer every day or every week (ie. “I want to pet an animal this week,” “I pray that I get a handwritten note from a friend today,” “I pray that THIS MONTH Korea’s stock exchange has it’s best day thus far this year!”). Be brave when you pray. A moment of BELIEVING God for something can be more powerful than hours of begging, pleading, and DISBELIEVING God for something. Plus, it’s usually more fun and saves time for other wonderful things.

Fulfillment comes on the wings of our prayers

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