Years ago, walking the streets of Jerusalem, I asked a friend what he thought signs of true revival were. He replied, “We will know revival is real in the church, when adoption is very common.” That sentence struck me with deep poignancy. Certainly, this is true. To truly comprehend and live in perfect love like God, one would adopt, just as He adopted us.

This video is a powerful vignette of one family’s journey. I encourage you to share the link far and wide so other families might feel inspired to adopt a child. There should be NO orphans. We have the power to end that. Let’s let love rule.

I applaud and thank every family who has adopted a child. Those people are heroes of love. If you know someone who has adopted a child, be encouraged to support and help them however you can. It’s an involved and unique journey. Plus, simple encouragement via notes or small acts of kindness go a very long way.


There’s also, this one.



The Adoption Revolution

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