I have not read the book yet, but I am thrilled for the forward thrust of hope herein. Most of what we see and experience is based on our beliefs. For example, if you expect to see dogs throughout your day you will be more vigilant and sensitive to notice them. If you don’t expect to see them, you will see them less. At the day’s end, the person with the positive expectation may jubilantly report, “I saw twelve dogs today! It was amazing! It made me so happy!” Meanwhile, the person with the negative expectation may say, “What!? I only saw ONE dog today! It was depressing. I’m disappointed.”

The position of our hearts matter. Position yours to expect good things TODAY.

The World is Getting Better – “Abundance,” the book

2 thoughts on “The World is Getting Better – “Abundance,” the book

  1. Nice post and good point. It’s true that the lenses we look through (our worldview) change what we see. I don’t like being around negative people because I am pointed out every bad detail of their day. Bad news sells but I’d much rather focus on the good of anything – makes life so much better. 🙂


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