Women in Leadership – Quote (YES!)

The following is an absolutely exceptional and insightful quotation from one of the leaders at my church. His name is Kris Vallotton.

UNEDITED excerpt from the book I am writing entitled God’s Most Beautiful Creation. It reads much better in the context of the chapter. 🙂

The truth is that the absence of the feminine and matriarchal presence in leadership has come at an incalculable and at times cataclysmic expense to society. In the last 30 years I’ve observed many women coming into their place in leadership but for multiple reasons they are often required to play the patriarchal role. This of course puts them at a disadvantage in leadership because it doesn’t optimize their abilities. Many observe this dynamic and conclude that men are better leaders than women.

I would like to propose to you that men are better patriarchs than women and women are stronger matriarchs than men. Both roles are equally important and carry the same level of authority but they require different skills, strengths, and attributes. WE DON’T NEED WOMEN TO LEAD LIKE MEN. The world is starving for matriarchs who are compassion driven, intuitively gifted, nurturing, leaders. These leaders foster the maternal instinct in society that gives birth to a much more loving, caring, patient, and compassionate planet.

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