This is really compelling. Please take the time to watch it. I must say, there is a revolution happening among men in this era that is bringing me new healing and wholeness. Growing up I often felt “less than” because I was female. I felt scrutinized and I often felt like my dreams were not important because I was female.

Recently a friend jokingly asked, partly in reference to the Middle East, “When do women learn how to trick men?” Ouch. The words stung. “Um, I don’t know what exactly you are referring to. If women resort to manipulation it is because they are not empowered. People who are not empowered, whether male or female, resort to manipulation to be heard. That is often what happens in the Middle East, especially.”

That is why I want to raise up courageous and free women IN the Middle East. However, the men must value them and listen to their voices for this to happen. Of course, this needs to increase in America too, which is why this video makes me so happy. It is liberating to be valued for who you are.

Get liberated. Men and women. Value others for who they are and value yourself for who you are. Let’s stop objectifying and start edifying. And let’s transform the world together.

I Love You More – Spoken Word – YouTube

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