Fight Death in Iraq with HOPE for IRAQ

Youth in the emo-subculture in Iraq are being stoned to death for their creative self-expression which runs counter to the religious spirit of the so-called Moral Police and extreme Shia groups. This is horrifying and really grieves me. I feel like running to Baghdad and gathering all those youth and protecting them, then going to the murderers and having a real heart-to-heart until love breaks through. They must know the true LOVE of the Father.

This kind of killing is anti-joy, anti-innovation, and anti-art. It must be stopped.

For me, I am not in Baghdad now, but I am able to grow a HOPE movement for Iraq from here.

If you’d like to give an encouraging word or prayer for Iraq. Come to the HOPE IRAQ facebook page

If you’d like to be part of a real counter-terrorism movement and proclaim it, buy an “I ♥ Baghdad” shirt and wear it in confident expectation that IRAQ WILL SHINE. Love is the best counter-terrorism movement there is.

Read an article about these killings here.

In the midst of many voices talking about the Middle East. Choose to be a voice of hope.

I (heart) Baghdad - shirt

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