Last June I received a card in the mail from a friend. As Holy Spirit often teams up with the postal carrier, it was aptly-timed. The image brought tears from my internal well. Then I read the note of encouragement inside and all well broke loose. ha. It’s a picture of a little girl pushing a huge boulder, seemingly believing she can do it. I am that girl. Today the image caught my eye from its framed location on my wall. I was reminded again of who I am and the greatness of the One inside me.

Let’s move some boulders.

Girl pushes boulder

2 thoughts on “Girl pushes boulder

  1. i have been looking for this image for over a year… my mom gave me this birthday card, and I save eevrything, but in my most recent move can’t seem to find this.. is it possible to tell me who made the card, hallmark? American Greetings? Payrus? please.. finsing this today literally made myday


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