Jesus is the ultimate romancer. I often wish I had an “explode” switch so I could fully erupt the ecstasy of His love which stirs, roars, and renews my insides constantly.

Sometimes I stare at one leaf, shifting from summer’s green to autumn’s yellow and I feel weak in the knees – so beautiful is God. Sometimes I wake up laughing: He’s present. He is always present: in His glory, robed in thunder, bedazzled in wisdom, oozing LOVE. In all things, at all times, I can not be separated from the One who loves me most, knows me most, and supports me most. WOW.

I can not fathom a more beautiful lover or friend.

To top that all off, here’s my friends’ Jess and Samuel’s wedding highlights. They truly have a romance the likes of which the world has never seen. Think about the passion of Jesus and His Bride as you watch it. Enjoy Samuel’s sister’s song “Lovesick” and Samuel’s original song for Jess.

There is a reason all of history culminates in a wedding. The wedding supper of Jesus and His Bride. It’s going to be glorious. I would say “I can’t wait”, but actually I can – simply because there are a whole bunch of nations I intend to bring with me and they haven’t met Jesus yet. It’s going to the biggest wedding ever. Instead of rice or bubbles or flower petals, we’ll throw our “holy” and our crowns at His feet. hahahahahahahaha! Eeeeeeee!

If you want more worship music, free downloads here:

my and Jesus’ internal playlist

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