Yesterday I was calmly sitting in the back row of the sanctuary at Bethel Church after the service’s end. I was waiting for two friends. In my waiting I noticed on my phone I had a new email. I looked at it. A friend paid the balance needed ($1,350) for my Baghdad trip!!!!! As often happens when I am overcome with the goodness of God, I erupted in laughter. Out-of-control, hysterical, the funniest joke in the world was told, LAUGHTER. My sister Dori looked at me and said, “What?” I could barely speak between my hunched over delirious laughter, “A friend paid the balance for my trip!” I was wide-eyed and grin-full. My sister stared at me from behind her walnut-colored glasses and enlarged her eyes (which incidentally look a lot like mine sometimes, so she gave me a mirror for what my eyes must have looked like). She looked stunned.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My head between my hands with, “Thank you, Father”  gushing out of my mouth, I felt I was in one of my happiest moments ever. His faithfulness means so much to me. It’s compelling in its love and grandeur.

I will never be satiated in my love for Him. I’m addicted to the One and Only True God. <THANK YOU, FATHER!>

Thank you to everyone who prayed for money to come in, gave money, encouraged me with words, listened to my thoughts about Iraq, hugged me, and believed with me. The journey has been wild, and infinitely wilder it shall become.

If you’d like to know more about my trip, go here:

All the money for my Baghdad trip is IN!

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