Review: Lion of Babylon

Lion of Babylon
Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

PLEASE READ THIS BOOK. Especially if you really enjoy: 1. Praying for me 2. Praying for the Middle East 3. Brilliantly hopeful books about the Middle East 4. Insight into life in Iraq 5. Fascinatingly engaging books in general

Yesterday a friend called me while she was reading this book. “Dawn, I called you because you need to read this book immediately. I’m loaning it to someone when I finish it so, I won’t be able to loan it to you soon. Besides, you need to have your own copy. Consider this your final warning. You need to read this book as soon as possible. It’s incredibly relevant for where you are headed and what God is positioning you for.”

We talked a bit more about the book.
I said, “bye” and went out and bought it.

I started it immediately. Today I finished it. 378 pages in two days.

This book is a slice into the complexities of religion braided with politics in the Middle East. It is also a light bulb of hopeful reality flipped on in a seemingly dark room. One of my favorite bits was, “At this point, your group included members of the new Alliance Party. Sunni and Shia and Kurds. All coming together to talk about Jesus. Not about religion, or differences, or tribes, or cultures, or politics. The aim that you shared, to unite your country, was no longer an impossible dream. It was happening. The miracle was coming. Through prayer. Through Jesus. Without even saying the words.” (p 283-284)

This was right around the time I gave up trying to read the book in a public setting. I simply could not blockade my tears any longer.

I hope to meet the author one day so I can thank him in person for the hope, vision, and time he invested in writing this book and thereby believing for HOPE for Iraq. Meanwhile, YOU might want to consider READING THIS BOOK and praying for sweet Iraq to meet the One who has always wooed her to Himself. It is going to be fun and beautiful to see glory and hope arise in the Middle East! YAY!

(If you live in Redding, CA you can buy the book at the Christian Outlet in Anderson for $12.97. You can also borrow it from the Redding library.)

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