I came across this poem today in the book, “Palestine: History of a Lost Nation” by Karl Sabbagh. It’s a good reminder of the people who need advocacy: people in areas of conflict longing for peace. It’s the desire in a child stuck in an angry home, the desire of an alcoholic afraid of being left alone with himself, and the desire of families around the world who are nearly trapped in their homes on account of war. The flower that pokes through the weeds is the promise that peace is possible. It is precisely what Jesus has paid for, and it is precisely what God has given His children the authority to do: to be repairers of the breach. 

Isaiah 58:12 sings of our restorative calling, “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” It’s beautiful. What an honor, to love nations to life. So we can hear the plea and know we are not powerless. On the contrary, we are powerful and we are the answer. 

The Plea 

to find me you must stop the noise

silence the guns and the tanks,
the shouted orders
and shouts of dediance,
screaming and weeping.
and listen.
my voice is very weak
you must try to hear it
you will have to come close
and pick away the tumbled stones
carefully, gently.
when you find me, lift me out,

help me to breathe,

set my broken limbs
but don’t think it is enough
to give me back a fragile existence
i need food and water,
i need a home that will last,
health and hope and work to do
i need love
you must embrace me 
and take me to your heart

…my name is Peace…..

Sue Sabbagh, June 2002

“The Plea” a poem by Sue Sabbagh

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