I love hugs. I had a flatmate in seminary who often said, “Seven meaningful touches” while hugging me or poking me or grabbing my arm etc. She’d read somewhere each person needs “seven meaningful touches” everyday; and she aimed to live it out by making a point to love her friends through physical touch. It was a great encouragement and kept my love tank on full. On that note, I took the following photograph in Jerusalem, Israel in 2007. It’s two shapes hugging. I thought it was a hilarious representation of the possibility for peace in the Middle East. haha.

And then there’s the charmingly sweet “Free Hugs” campaign. It’s all a great reminder we are designed to give and receive physical affection. Lots of times this gets unnecessarily sexualized in a way that leads people to only get physical affection from someone he/she is romantically involved with. This isn’t the way it should be. We should love and hug and touch normally, in fact, it brings balance and creates a broader plain for purity and friendship to live in. We were created to LOVE and LOVE well! SO viva hugs! Long live hugs!

Last year I saw an elderly woman in the grocery store and I felt God nudge me to hug her. I was reluctant. Moments later when my courage stood up, I went in search of her. Finding her on an aisle nearby I told her I noticed her sweetness and I felt God loved her so very very very much. “Could I give you a hug?” I asked. “Yes!” she said, opening her arms. And we hugged. She was touched (pun intended) and I went away giddy and singing songs to Jesus. I LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Be inspired, go hug someone. : )


“Free Hugs” campaign

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