” from Issachar, men who understood the times

and knew what Israel should do


(1 Chronicles 12:32)

On July 1, 2011 I signed a lease for my new apartment. Clause 21 on the lease was,

“Timing. Timing is of the essence in this agreement.”

I laughed at the sudden entrance of a Zen poet into the otherwise very business-like form. I asked the landlord what it meant. She chuckled and admitted she didn’t know. I suggested they were emphasizing all of the previous references to time they had given (ie. 30 days notice before moving, the pool is open 8am-10pm etc). Still, the phrase stuck with me. I felt God elbow me when I thought about it. I pondered how much TIMING is also of the essence in my relationship with Him. I thought about the many things I am waiting on: promises to be fulfilled, dreams to materialize. I laughed as I reminded myself, with a wince, God has my best in mind and often timing is, not everything, but certainly A LOT. I am glad God sticks to His guns when I get impatient and stomp my feet. I am also thankful He is trustworthy and the best person to be dealing with in all matters. I am glad He’s the Lord of my land, the one who gave me the laundry key and also the keys to my front door. HE GAVE ME KEYS. He gives me access! His sense of timing tills the garden of my life. Tick-tock. <God, (tick) I trust (tock) your (tick) timing. (tock).>   

watching the moonrise

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