Seeing in the Spirit: “See all that you can see” (a little revision of an old US Army slogan (can you hear the theme song?))

Angels are our friends.

I’ve been thinking for some time about writing about seeing in the Spirit. I realize it’s an area a lot of believers don’t know much about or they are bewildered by. In actuality seeing in the Spirit is very powerful and useful. We are spirit more than we are flesh. Our citizenship is in heaven so, it’s contents should be familiar to us. My experience in seeing the unseen began, as far as I remember, with seeing demons when I was seven years old. There was no need to convince me of the reality of the unseen realms. It was more real than my matching set of bedroom furniture or my white York stereo I loved so much. From there I eventually saw other things: objects, images, and angels. It all seemed very logical and common to me. And it was handy when I’d be in a new neighborhood and I could see what was happening in the spirit: I knew how to pray and also more of how to interact with people there.

I don’t see all the time. I’ve learned to turn it off and on. This isn’t always my choice, granted – a lot of the time I start seeing into the angelic realm without warning. However, when I lived in Israel I would often engage that part of my senses when in a new place or when in a place that suddenly became chaotic or foreboding. On the other hand, in ministry school I usually don’t look to see in the spirit because it distracts me from the speaker’s teaching. There was a time a month or so ago when someone was speaking at school and I saw a company of angels behind him on the stage with raspberry-hued air around them. They were coming out into the crowd with white wedding favor bags in their hands. I was in awe; and intrigued. I heard Holy Spirit say, “Look up Latvia’s flag.” Later that day I did. Amazingly, the flag is that same raspberry color with a white horizontal stripe in the middle (at the same height as the white wedding favor bags). I instantly knew what it meant: my class was being invited to the wedding of Latvia and Jesus! We were invited to celebrate! The man who spoke that day has connections to Latvia. Thereafter I emailed him to let him know what I had seen. He was grateful I shared it and encouraged.

So, last week I did a ten-minute free write on seeing in my writing class. I thought I’d share it here.

As you read it, ask God to open your eyes like Gehazi’s in 2 Kings 6:17. “And Elisha prayed, ‘O LORD, open his eyes so he may see.’ Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” Awaken your senses to the unseen realm. Begin to posture yourself regularly with a willingness and openness to see in the spirit. God wants to reveal to you the unseen things. He also wants you to want to see them.


Seeing is incredible. IN-CRED-IBLE, as in, almost unbelievable. And this is where faith ascends in to true belief – into the realms of the unseen. Jump over the wall of incredibility into the fields of reality. Jump. In the openness of the greatness of God is an expanse of freedom and partnership and co-reigning beyond what one could ever fathom. Everything on earth has a spiritual reality first: a stapler, a chair, a refrigerator, and even an IPAD. These pulsate with heaven’s attainability and do-ability. It is doable. The realm of revelation is a place for grasping the unseen.

It is particularly useful to see when you are in a new place – when you are overseas walking unknown neighborhoods and you have no natural awareness of issues in the neighborhood. Seeing will reveal.

I should intentionally ask for my seeing to increase. I should learn to navigate its waters more fully.

As I ponder this I realize there is an element of trepidation. I am a bit afraid of falling off the earth. I am a bit concerned about being swooped into heaven to such a degree I can no longer interact on earth. I am a bit flummoxed in thinking I might become unavoidably strange. A price worth paying for the rapturous union with God and heaven. Worth. I chase worth and blink at worth when I see. I choose to acknowledge and look into things unseen to better understand the realms of heaven, to better understand the lover of my soul. I swing on a rope swing over a gentle river and I drop in. I sink to the earth’s center and I see things that Hollywood’s up and coming film-makers dream of putting on screen. I taste life. My life is spiced with divinity and saturated in Truth. I’m addicted. MMM…. This is much of the drive to see, the addiction to Truth. I have to have it. There is nothing else. A newspaper or the news itself, a picture of an apple or the apple itself. A poem about love or LOVE itself. A book about Jesus or Jesus Himself.


Here are some resources on seeing:

(And for those who are itching to hear that original US army jingle,

here it is: )

12 thoughts on “Seeing in the Spirit: “See all that you can see” (a little revision of an old US Army slogan (can you hear the theme song?))

  1. Could You please, dear Lord Jesus with Your Holy Spirit, Create a brand new me, new mind, spirit, soul and body that and who for now and ever keep the Peacelovingness of You, other Holy Righteous Beings, Peacelovingness of all Africa people, African American people, Asian people, Asian American people, Native American people, Latino people, Latina people, Latino Americans, Latina Americans, and all other peoples of the world and worlds, heaven, heavens and earth, Heaven, New Heavens and New Earths, The Universe or Universes, about me, for me, around me, between me and them, with me, upon me, within me too! Thank you, and Love plus Like Afeni! Everlastingly! Now in this temporary life and infinite life(Eternal Life).


  2. Thank you for having my name be written in the Lambs Book Of Life! Amen! Thank you for the kindness of people who never going to hurt me! I am never going to hurt them too! I will not hurt them either, ever! May all the other people in my life and who is not in my life and are not in my life start becoming peaceful Eternally too to me fully ever increasingly, Evermore, being all true in behaving kindfully, amicable and amiable in actions all the times, all the time, and Eternity! Let us all become new beings who existed in pure holiness without ever commiting battles, etc, or new beings who just got put in existence without ever commiting battles, etc, that are wrong conflicts and that are right conflicts against each other and one and another. May we become Infinite beings of All Perfect Rightful Peace, and Harmony, Let us become not new beings who will hurt each other, and others, and let us not stay the same harsh acting, etc, people who are not new. Lord God in the serene motivation, make us new!


  3. that is so wonderful u can see in the spirit. Maybe i will get that gift someday, if I did I would probably be alienated into the wilderness of seclusion. All seers r prophets, not all prophets r seers. I myself would rather hear. 🙂


    • I think seeing in the spirit is a gift accessible to all Christians. You can ask God for it and expect Him to give it to you. You can see AND hear. And you will have the grace for both.

      Blessings of radical Holy Spirit encounters today. : )


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