The voice of His eyes is deeper than all roses

once upon a time there was, is,will be a God whose eyelashes tickle people to life. A God who is not a phantom nor merely an idea.

A God who is faster than lightning

and gentler than soft rain.

A God who slides His fingers between yours and pulls you into

gardens of His love because He is addicted to you.

It is not enough to say He is committed to you, for faithfulness is WHO He is. He is resolute. He wrote you zillions of love notes before your parents wrote each other one. He left those love notes throughout your life, your day, your minute. He wooed you with not one flower, but a whole planet-full. He longs for you beyond any definition of human longing. He adores you with a fire that makes clouds blush and rocks sing.

He is passionate because He IS Love.

He is not only better than you think, He is better than you could ever understand. He is the pinnacle of all you ever wanted and when you let Him fully in, you will never truly want again. His fullness becomes your blood. His promise becomes your breath. The ecstasy of His love becomes your most private secret and your most public confession. Your hush and your shout. Your treasure found and your treasure sought. And He says the same thing about you.

Dare to re-frame love songs and love poems as if God wrote them to you. Let go, fall in Love with the One who knows you fully. He is thinking of you RIGHT now.

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