Asking HOPEFUL questions of God

This is a fantastic set of questions from Bob Hartley. Well, really, from God. We are invited to sit and chat with our Maker, the One who knows all and accepts us ENTIRELY. Come close. Give Him some time. Give Him an hour for each question over the weeks and months ahead. He LONGS to commune with YOU. He is passionate about you – more than you’ve ever realized. Open up, give Him time. Sit with Him. Your relationship with Him is irreplaceable to HIM. : )

<Oh God, my heart wants to be aware that it truly remains in Yours in every second. Your love is the greatest thing. Your love undoes me with beauty. Thank you. I love you and with love I give you my whole life. I am too lovesick to do otherwise. I adore You, Father.>

Drink some tea, join the conversation, post a reply.

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