in love, we’ll be in love (song)

Ever since returning to America last September 5, God has been expanding my love for HIS bride – the Church. I’ve always loved her, but my focus was so much on the unreached, I didn’t give as much attention to the Church. Anyhow, over the last 12 months I have found myself absolutely CRAZILY passionate about empowering the Bride – to be ready, to know her worth, and to see herself with the beauty that Jesus sees in her. From that place of love, I wrote this song.

Actually, I’ve been singing parts of this song in my own worship time with God for months, but it’s been growing and growing like a snowball rolling down a hill and I think it’s time to share it.

It makes me pretty drunk on Jesus to sing it. I expect it will make you drunk on Jesus to hear it. He is smitten with you. hahaha. And He wants you to passionately adore Him. And when this happens, when the Church is head over heels in love with Jesus, the world will notice and it will want that same lovesickness and power.

And then we’ll all just be in love.

Won’t that be wonderfully blissful?

aaaaaaaaaahhh…. I’m so love-smacked. The Holy Spirit is soooooooooo romantic and unbelievably amazing.

* Recorded in StudioCasselberry*

*a good place for a love song*



Oh how my heart, it races
When you look me in the eyes
Oh how my life, it races
When you take me through the skies

Chief among ten thousand
You’re the fairest in the land
My love is for your love God
And my hand is for your hand

Higher, we’ll go higher

Unveil to me your secrets
And I will steward them
Show me all your treasures
And I will treasure them

Swing me through the treetops
Crash me through the sky
Some say they want to
But most have never tried

Higher, we’ll go higher

Show me your new colors
And lead me by the heart
I’ll shout it from the rooftops
My God how great thou are

From this love, we’ll show them
How amazing it can be
When my heart is fully yours
And I am fully me

Higher, we’ll go higher

As we fly and float and swirl
The bride will take note
As we swoon and laugh and dance
She’ll know she’s meant to float

In love, she’ll fall in love
In love, she’ll fall in love

And the nations will be yours
A bride who knows her worth
She’ll praise and she’ll adore you
Along with all the earth

In love, she’ll fall in love
In love, we’ll be in love

In love, she’ll be in love
In love, we’ll be in love

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