The Drama / أل مسرحية

We are having a grand ol’ time in drama/discipleship group! 4 kids (two MBBS, two Ms) have been working on creating a 10 minute drama for about 2 months now. And they are encountering Jesus. All of the kids have been instantly healed from various ailments at least once – to the point where they suggest we pray for each other when one isn’t feeling well. HAHA! Moreover, one of them has since seen two family members healed when she prayed for them. They now call her over to pray for them when they have pain! YAY JESUS! My heart enters its own Mardi Gras (a holy version) each time I see them “getting it” – knowing that Jesus really is KING. And I’m so tickled when they become nostalgic with “remember when Ahmed got healed” stories! This is the heritage I want them to grow up with!

The drama is about one woman (the Eve figure) exchanging her light for an apple, struggling with the scary world post-apple, being killed by satan, and being brought back to life by Jesus. We meet 3 times weekly. And we usually begin with prayer, an increasingly fluid rendition of the song “more love, more power” as I play guitar, and a brief english lesson.

Only one of the kids speaks English, so my brain deserves holiday pay for those 3 hours! Really, it is a blessed opportunity to improve my Arabic. The kids are patient teachers. Besides, they REALLY want me to speak Arabic fluently! haha! Eagerness in a teacher is certainly as valuable as eagerness in a student!

It looks like we will be performing in three different locations this month: two in Bethlehem and one in Ramallah (also in the West Bank).

I am SO proud of these kids! They have put so much heart into the drama! 3 of them often say that when we have drama practice it’s most of what they think about throughout day and it’s what they dream about at night! And I see them loosening up. The photos of the ice cream war proves that. haha! I love being a safe place for them to dream, love, and learn honor. We are working on not calling one another names, nor one another’s mother, nor speaking when another is speaking, and generally treating each other like the princes and princesses we are. They have begun to address each other as “Prince _______”  and “Princess ___________” from time to time. Praise our Perfect Father! LOVE GROWS!

We also get to have frank discussions about Jesus. And this is a miracle. Step by step I see their understanding and openness widen. And I see their hearts being set free. Such beautiful hearts!

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