World WReligion Wednesday:

THIS article entitled,

“Women Pastors In Prominent Churches Reveal Cracks In Stained-Glass Ceiling”

is fascinating. Share it with those you might think are interested. Change is possible. 

The Practice and Power of Delight

Graham Cooke is one of my favorite teachers. THIS is part of one of my favorite teachings of his. Enjoy!

What you believe directly influences how you overcome problems. You are an overcomer! Expect to experience that reality today.

As Foreign Insurgents Continue to Terrorize Syria, the Reconciliation Trend Grows

There ARE positive events occurring in the midst of the horrors. Change IS possible. Invest your belief toward positive change in Syria!

In Gaza

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by Eva Bartlett / August 22nd, 2014, Dissident Voice

In June, 2014, I met with Dr. Ali Haidar, Syria’s Minister of National Reconciliation, in his Damascus office. An eye surgeon and leader of the SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party, an opposition party within Syria), Dr. Haidar assumed position as Minister of Reconciliation in June 2012.

Eva Bartlett: What is ‘Mussalaha’ (‘Reconciliation’)?  How did it begin?

Dr. Ali Haidar: In February, 2012, the Syrian government changed the constitution, and in May Syria held Parliamentary elections. We, as an opposition party, joined the elections, because we believe that the solution is Syria is a political one, reconciliation between all Syrians…when there is talk between all Syrians.

After much discussion in Parliament, we drafted the paperwork requesting to start a Reconciliation Ministry. President Bashar al-Assad supported the idea, and the Ministry was established in June, 2012 when the President decreed the formation of…

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